Puja Patet & Patrick Doran

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day and making it extra wonderful! We very much appreciate the love and enthusiasm you put into making the Mandate vision a reality. And thank you for your creative talent in providing the floral arrangements. Best Puja + Patrick

Melissa Ryan & Mattia Scalabrin

Il Nido Verde was the florist for our wedding. Michele and Costanza were of a unique kindness. They met us every time we were in the area and they went out of their way to satisfy our every request making sure we didn’t go out of budget but at the same time we received a service. A service of a unique professionalism that is not easy to find. However, this is nothing compared to the quality of the compositions and bouquets they created for our wedding. Guests and managers of the Venue fell in love with the flowers with some comments that we are happy to report here: “Never seen such beautiful flowers for a wedding”. “Congratulations on the flowers!”. “The compositions were magnificent”. The floral arch for the ceremony was really beautiful and we can guarantee that there was not a single guest who did not pose for a photo under the arch testifying to how beautiful it was.We wish this young couple, who really went out of their way to make our special day even more special, all the best and I thank them publicly for being truly incredible.

Mattia and Melissa

Lucia Basso & Giulio Cerioni

Michele e Costanza, it is difficult to find the right words to thank you.                           You made our wedding day a fairy tale, pure magic.                                            Your professionalism and kindness distinguish you and the passion you put into everything you do is unique.                        We couldn’t ask for better!                      Thank you very much indeed.

Lucia e Giulio

Federica Lazzarini & Gionata Smerghetto

Hello Guys!! We wanted to thank you for the super and much appreciated gift and thanks also for your precious work, you are wonderful people and we would choose you a thousand more times !!!                      Thanks thanks thanks!                               Federica e Gionata

Gloria Prandin & Mattia Bernardi

We really wanted to thank you very, very, very much you and your wife for the wonderful flowers you have made. When I walked into the reception room, I was shocked.                                                       I mean, I didn’t think, it could come out      so well !!!                                                      I figured it was cool, but not like that!                                                  You went beyond our expectations and then everyone who complimented us, everyone!                                               Think, I swear they told me they had never been in a wedding like this.                    Really thank you again and thank your wife very much for her wonderful work too.                   Gloria e Mattia

Katia Dalla Valle & Mattia Pegoraro

We didn’t have a precise idea about the flowers, Michele helped us in defining the details and in particular the colors and Costanza created real wonders with the compositions, perfectly balanced in both tones and shapes.                                    The bridal bouquet was in line with the idea I had, voluminous and full of flowers.          The bracelets and eyelets were also a nice reminder to those who donated them.        The result was a bold pop of color on our wedding.                                              Katia e Mattia

couple, wedding, love-2162950.jpg

Giorgia Pegoraro & Riccardo Pellizzari

Fresh quality flowers, we have found professionalism and availability.        Modern compositions different from those proposed by other suppliers!                             Research of the particular and different combinations of flowers.                                                  We got compliments from everyone!

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Mirella De Notariis & Giuseppe La Rosa

Michele and his wife costanza framed our day with wonderful settings. They did not just set up the church but followed us day after day to perfectly satisfy our requests. In addition to being super professional they are also super helpful, they leave nothing to chance and everything is studied in detail, we relied on them without any fear and it was the best choice we could make!
Their works are always very original
Beyond all our expectations, thank you from the heart you are unmistakable
Giuseppe and Mirella married